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N.E. Upholsterers of Leek, Staffordshire.N.E. Re-upholstery is a staffordshire based re-upholstery business run by Neil Edge, specialising in the re-uplhostery of modern and antique furniture. So whether you're looking to re-upholster your three piece suite or completely re-upholster your favourite antique piece your can rely on N.E. Re-upholstery to offer you the highest quality at the best price.

An article from The North Staffordshire Magazine from November 2007


Upholstery, Re-upholstery and repairs services.

Upholstery, Re-upholstery and repairs services.

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Thanks to television programme's like The Antiques Roadshow, many people now look at their old furniture with a more discerning eye. Neil Edge has been giving a new lease of life to neglected pieces for 14 years. He met up with John Abberley at his workshop in Leek.

Neil Edge is a youthful-looking craftsman in the burgeoning trade of restoring old furniture who speaks with a passion beyond his years. "Look at these pictures of a reclining chair. It's a genuine antique over 100 years old, but the owners had given up on it and kept it in the garage," he says in disbelief. We are looking at his before-and-after book of photographs, showing how a piece which looks like a hopeless wreck can be returned to its former glory.

He greets me in his salesroom, which is not a pretty sight. Large settees and chairs with torn fabric and exposed horsehair and coil springs are piled up against the walls. You could be forgiven for mistaking it for a junk shop. But this is the raw material for Neil's work. And what is taken there often looks much worse. "A farming couple came to me and said they were looking for a chaise-lounge," he says, using the American term for a chaise-longue." I showed them a picture of one and the man said he'd got something like that and would try to find it on his farm.

"A month later he came back with his chaise-lounge in a truck. He told me he'd used it to block a hole in a fence to keep the cows out. "All the fabric had gone, but the wooden frame and the legs were all right. I made some new rails for it and eventually got it back to how it had originally been."

Neil, now 35, has been largely self-taught in the craft of re-upholstering after serving a form of apprenticeship in his father's old furniture shop in Leek. He helped in the evening while still a pupil at Leek High School. His father re-covered small items of furniture like footstools and pouffes. But Neil was already looking toward a career repairing antiques and recalls that at that time there were no college courses available in his chosen field.

Article reproduced with kind permission of The North staffordshire Magazine - Oct 2007

N.E. Re-upholsterers of Leek, Staffordshire - Neil Edge.

At 21 he branched out on his own at his present premises in Market Street, Leek, and soon found plenty of work re-upholstering 20-year-old three-piece suites or someone's favourite chair. He also became a regular attender at auctions, looking for rundown furniture in need of repairs.

One of his early successes was achieved with a chaise longue which he bought at an auction. He stripped it down and after completing the restoration work put it in the shop window. It was sold in half-an-hour. "A woman was driving past the shop when she saw the chaise longue and decided she wanted it there and then," he says. "She came in and gave me a £50 deposit." At one time people threw out chaise longues as things too old-fashioned to keep, but in more recent times they have enjoyed a revival as showpieces. People put them in front of a bay window or in the hall, says Neil, with no intention of sitting on them.

"We can transform your furniture back to its original glory"

We have over 25 years experience and are trained to assess every aspect of your furniture, explain the reupholstery, repair and restoration services and recommend the type of upholstery

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We have a wide variety of antiques in our two story showroom all ready to be refurbished in a large selection of fabrics and coverings.

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